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Time to go solar

By going solar you'll be saving money and most importantly, saving our planet.

Why go solar?

Better for the environment

MOWZA supports the transition to renewable energy and is committed to supplying affordable and clean energy solutions to residential and commercial industries.

Cost cutting

Your business can save hours of down-time and lost income by installing a battery backup system that kicks in automatically during power outages.

Increased home value

Solar systems will guarantee continuity of lifestyle and increased property value.

Planning and saving

The average 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom household can save around 50% a month by converting to a hybrid solar power system.

How our systems work

Our solar systems are completely modular. Having a system that is modular allows you to increase the size at a later stage if you want to.

A battery backup system is intended to keep your electricity on during loadshedding / power outages.  The larger the system, the more appliances can be run.  The length of time your power can stay on increases with additional batteries.

A solar system is intended to keep your electricity on during loadshedding / power outages and to also save you on your monthly electricity bill as you are producing your own power.

Initial documentation

A proforma quotation will be sent to you with our financing partner details.

Site eligibility

A site inspection can be arranged but we are able to work on all roofs.

Installation & permissions

We are certified to install residential and commercial sites, including estates.

Certificate of Compliance

On completion of your installation an official COC will be issued.


All our installations come with a 5 year workmanship warranty.

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