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With the use of a Geyserwise Evacuated Tube Heating system, MOWZA is able to convert your existing electrical geyser into a solar-powered geyser. This system requires a pump (installed by MOWZA professionals) to circulate water through the tubes and into your geyser. Although this system functions differently to a Geyserwise PV system, it has a slight advantage on colder and cloudy days. This results in huge savings when it comes to electrical consumption.

All our water heating systems are a big step in the direction of an off-grid lifestyle. It is important to note that the system pictured above requires a high pressure geyser, and will be fully installed and set up by one of our MOWZA experts.

In order to ensure that we fully cater to your needs, we highly recommend scanning the below QR code, or clicking on the "questionnaire" button to take our simple survey. This will allow us to ensure the system is designed to comply with your specific requirements. You can also tap the "get a quote" button, either way, a quotation will be drawn up and provided to you as soon as possible.