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Prepare yourself for the off-grid lifestyle and forget about the effects of load shedding and municipal power bills on your life with our 8Kva hybrid solar system. This setup is perfect for the average home and will ensure that your lights, television, internet, and essential appliances are powered by the sun. Your batteries will be charged by the solar panels, and during the day your home will be powered by the generated power to ensure that you save money monthly on your electricity bill. With some of the battery offerings noted above, your home will be able to store enough power to get you right through the evening and to the next day without using any municipal power at all. This system will make use of the 12 solar panels provided to ensure that even when you have poor sun conditions you are able to utilise solar power and only turn to your municipal power line as an absolute last resort. The main benefit of the Deye/Sunsynk true hybrid inverters is their ability to blend solar and municipal power, ensuring that even in low light conditions none of the solar generated power goes to waste.

The above system is perfect to keep the following essentials running at all times:

  • internet routers

  • televisions

  • computers/laptops

  • stereo systems

  • phone chargers

  • fridges

  • washing machines

  • kettles

  • geysers - on a timer

  • stoves

  • air conditioners

  • jacuzi's


This system is designed for the battery power to be prioritised in the evenings, allowing you to capitalise on the stored solar power in your batteries and join the off-grid community.

It is important to note that the system pictured above will be fully installed and set up by one of our MOWZA experts.


In order to ensure that we fully cater to your needs, we highly recommend scanning the below QR code, or clicking on the "questionnaire" button to take our simple survey. This will allow us to ensure the system is designed to comply with your specific requirements. You can also tap the "get a quote" button, either way, a quotation will be drawn up and provided to you as soon as possible.